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2018-05-30 | Recycled aluminum non-ferrous metals market is broad
According to Hong Kong on December 13 news, by the tight domestic supply concerns push Chinese aluminum smelters next year will be willing to pay a higher purchase price of alumina. China is the world's largest aluminum producer and consumer countries. Traders and smelter sources said, in 2013 the import price of alumina for the London Metal Exchange (LME) aluminum price of approximately 16.1% -16.3%, FOB (FOB) basis, higher than 2012's 15.2% -15.5%. Can be calculated according to the proportion of bauxite prices. For example, LME aluminum Thursday 2,133.5 dollars per tonne, the price of 16.1%, that is the price of alumina $ 343.5 per ton, FOB basis. Informed so…Read More>>
2015-05-29 | Aluminum honeycomb board partition series
The emergence of aluminum honeycomb board, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, stylish style, won the middle, high-end office space market share. Aluminum honeycomb board to do partition has the following advantages: Fire: aluminum plate for non combustible material. Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb board is surface treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, with strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray spray for 48 hours without pinhole, crack, not foaming. Environmental protection: honeycomb board belongs to pure aluminum products, do not volatile any harmful gas, and no radioactive and can be completely recycling, environmentally friend…Read More>>
2015-05-29 | Operating conditions of aluminium veneer on outer wall
Aluminum exterior veneer operating conditions: embedded parts and the main body structure is connected has laid a solid according to the design requirement, accurate position, the deviation should not more than 20mm. The position deviation is too large or not provided with embedded parts should be to develop remedial measures or connection scheme and implementation of the construction and put structure construction units and design units to negotiate with the consent of the. Stone curtain wall installation of vertical transportation equipment, scaffolding ride, safety nets should conform to the requirements of the current code, the installation of power distribu…Read More>>
2015-05-29 | The effect of aluminum decorative panels on the performance of aluminum honeycomb panels
Aluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels of material generally choose 3003, 5005 grade, alloy composition of the lower 1100 of the board used. Decorative surface by spraying or roller coating type, coating for polyester or fluorocarbon paint, wall panels to the selection of the best spraying plate and coating, paint layer thickness is more than or equal to 40 m, so as to ensure the durability of the coating. Aluminum plate in front of the painting need after strict surface anodizing treatment, to ensure adequate coating adhesion and honeycomb core and adhesive strength, coating panel should meet the requirements of the national standard YS/T429.2-2000.Read More>>
2015-05-29 | The market capacity analysis of the aluminum veneer product in the wall
The market capacity and the development trend of the single board products of the wall are the problems that the CSRC is concerned with.. Market capacity generally uses the external wall aluminum veneer market demand or market size (Sales) to express. The historical data involving nearly three years or even longer time and the next 3-5 years to raise investment project when the capacity of the market data. The future market capacity of the aluminum veneer products of the exterior wall is to grow, the historical data respect the fact. Historical data if there is a greater volatility need to further explain its cause, it will not have a negative impact on the futu…Read More>>
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