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Operating conditions of aluminium veneer on outer wall

From:Changzhou Del Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.  time:2015-5-29 16:33:06  hits:

Aluminum exterior veneer operating conditions: embedded parts and the main body structure is connected has laid a solid according to the design requirement, accurate position, the deviation should not more than 20mm. The position deviation is too large or not provided with embedded parts should be to develop remedial measures or connection scheme and implementation of the construction and put structure construction units and design units to negotiate with the consent of the. Stone curtain wall installation of vertical transportation equipment, scaffolding ride, safety nets should conform to the requirements of the current code, the installation of power distribution complete configuration, security measures to improve safety, fire safety measures in place, installation and construction site face obstacles have been removed. The installation of the stone wall may cause pollution or damage of the sub projects, should be completed before the installation of stone curtain wall, or take an effective protective measures. Large area before construction is advised in the field of production model, and by the owners, supervision, civil and design units confirmed after the construction. Exterior wall aluminum single plate installation, with on-site installation personnel to install.


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