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Aluminum honeycomb flooring


Detailed description



    Aluminum honeycomb panels was first used in aerospace fields, it is now increasingly used in industry, vehicles, ships, construction and decoration industries.

    DELL company accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the production of anti-static floor and elevated floor, combining the characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panels, developed after several trials, the successful production of aluminum honeycomb raised floor, raised floors aluminum honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb network floor, aluminum honeycomb anti-static floor, the floor panels and the use of aluminum Corporation of China (CHINALCO) 5052AH14 aluminum alloy plate, hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core, Henkel (HENKEL) glue, Abbett (ABET) anti-static decor other high-quality raw materials. Features: lightweight building construction cost savings, and environmental protection can be 100% recycled aluminum structure, installation effect smooth and beautiful, super uniform load bearing, no water swelling, sound damping, fire-retardant insulation, dissipating strong, transportation low cost, and production advantages of various special-shaped specifications and large sizes, the product has a conventional size 600 × 600 × 30mm, stable quality, excellent performance. It also manufactures steel anti-static floor, calcium sulfate anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring and other wood-floor network series, raised access flooring, raised floors series.

Aluminum honeycomb raised floor is widely used in computer rooms, data processing centers, laboratories, microwave communications station room, program-controlled telephone switchboard room, mobile communications room, satellite earth stations room, radio control room, TV transmitting station control room, broadcast control room, control room, central control room, communications command center, microelectronic components, semiconductors, electronics assembly and LSI clean workshop, to avoid human static electricity to move in the workshop. Control of electrostatic discharge on computer communications, various types of electronic equipment and devices sensitive to electrostatic hazards, to prevent internal computer memory and electronic equipment damage. Also for inter-static sensitive arms, flammable and explosive places and petrochemical plant and hospital operating rooms, anesthesia rooms, oxygen bar and other anti-static requirements of the place. Products have been the world's five hundred such as Samsung, Foxconn, Petroleum, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, State Grid, Siemens, Philips-known enterprises.








Performance parameters


compare with other access floor

1, by weight: aluminum honeycomb anti-static floor 6 kg / tablet (light weight can reduce building construction costs). Steel anti-static flooring 13.5 kg / piece. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor 20 kg / tablet. Wood core anti-static floor 11 kg / tablet.

2, environmental protection: anti-static floor aluminum honeycomb aluminum structure can be 100% recycled. Steel anti-static flooring can not be recycled. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor no recycling value. Wood core anti-static floor no recycling value.

3, installation effect: aluminum honeycomb anti-static flooring smooth and beautiful, smart steel anti-static flooring installation, ease of movement. Steel anti-static flooring seam stitching large, general aesthetics. Calcium sulfate anti-static flooring seam stitching small appearance in general. Wood core anti-static floor joints mouth large, unsightly.

4, mechanical strength: aluminum honeycomb anti-static floor uniformly distributed load, super load-bearing. Steel anti-static flooring good load-bearing performance. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor load-bearing properties in general. Anti-static floor load-bearing wood core poor performance.

5, water swelling: aluminum honeycomb anti-static floor non-absorbent deformation does not corrode. Steel anti-static flooring corrosive. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor easy to absorb water easily deformed. Wood core anti-static floor easy to absorb water quickly deform.

6, flame retardant insulation: aluminum honeycomb anti-static flooring can fire insulation. Steel anti-static floor insulation can not fire. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor insulation can not fire. Wood core anti-static floor insulation can not fire.

7, noise damping: aluminum honeycomb anti-static floor plus noise damping effect. Steel anti-static floor sound damping effect is poor. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor sound damping effect is poor. Wood core anti-static floor sound damping effect is poor.

8, non-standard dimensions: aluminum honeycomb anti-static flooring conducive to the production of non-standard size, and large sizes deformation does not break. Steel anti-static flooring production of non-standard size, opening an additional tooling costs, and does not have the technical conditions for the production of large size. Calcium sulfate anti-static floor large deformation fracture. Wood core anti-static floor large deformation fracture.




installation method

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