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The market capacity analysis of the aluminum veneer product in the wall

From:Changzhou Del Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.  time:2015-5-29 16:32:04  hits:

The market capacity and the development trend of the single board products of the wall are the problems that the CSRC is concerned with.. Market capacity generally uses the external wall aluminum veneer market demand or market size (Sales) to express. The historical data involving nearly three years or even longer time and the next 3-5 years to raise investment project when the capacity of the market data. The future market capacity of the aluminum veneer products of the exterior wall is to grow, the historical data respect the fact. Historical data if there is a greater volatility need to further explain its cause, it will not have a negative impact on the future. In the future market capacity forecasting, the periodic effect is considered if it is indeed periodic.. The future market capacity of the external wall aluminum sheet products also need to protect to accommodate the new investment projects brought about by new capacity. And raise investment project of the new wall aluminum veneer products production and current enterprise production and is the future intends to total output of listed enterprise exterior aluminum veneer products, its ratio and market capacity very for market share. Therefore, the future market capacity data also take into account the external wall aluminum veneer enterprise market share is to upgrade or fall. The rise and fall of enterprise market status should be consistent with the trend of industry development and the trend of competition pattern..


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