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The effect of aluminum decorative panels on the performance of aluminum honeycomb panels

From:Changzhou Del Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.  time:2015-5-29 16:32:35  hits:

Aluminum honeycomb panels decorative panels of material generally choose 3003, 5005 grade, alloy composition of the lower 1100 of the board used. Decorative surface by spraying or roller coating type, coating for polyester or fluorocarbon paint, wall panels to the selection of the best spraying plate and coating, paint layer thickness is more than or equal to 40 m, so as to ensure the durability of the coating. Aluminum plate in front of the painting need after strict surface anodizing treatment, to ensure adequate coating adhesion and honeycomb core and adhesive strength, coating panel should meet the requirements of the national standard YS/T429.2-2000.


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